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US Powerball

You’ll often see stories in the media celebrating a new biggest, tallest, longest or the like. This might be a building or a sporting record; perhaps it might be talking about an individual achievement. We do like to see records beaten and new bests set.

This is certainly the case with lottery jackpots – and the big story here earlier this year was an astonishing new high jackpot payout. It was set by the legendary US Powerball game when the previous record of well over $800m – pretty astonishing in its own right – was hammered into oblivion by their payout of, and be ready to be amazed, $2.3 billion.

It’s no wonder US Powerball is generally accepted to be the biggest lottery game in the world, and it’s certainly hugely popular with so many of our customers here at Lottoland. If you list the jackpots offered by US Powerball, and those of the previous record holder MegaMillions; together they’ve provided the top fifteen jackpots of all time.

If you’ve yet to play US Powerball, the good news is that it costs just $5* for an entry into either their Thursday or Sunday draws held at 11am (AEST) or 1pm (AEDT). Even their minimum jackpot is $52 million! Enter now at Lottoland and be part of that very next draw.

Play US Powerball Online

We all lead busy lives these days, so it’s good to be able to do important things both quickly and whenever we want to. This is always in the minds of our team here at Lottoland, where our online portal is user-friendly, allowing you to play great lottery games when you want, no matter where you are.

One of the most popular of our many games is the legend that is US Powerball. For just $5* you can instantly be a part of it at Lottoland. Simply take the few moments required to select five numbers plus a Powerball. You can then be part of any of their twice a week jackpot draw events, held at 11am AEST or 1pm AEDT each Thursday and Sunday.

Why so popular? Well, a minimum jackpot of $52m is a pretty impressive starting point. But their rollovers regularly hit the hundreds of millions, and their January 2016 payout is by far and away the largest in lottery history. The sum? Oh, just a mere $2.3 billion!

In fact, US Powerball has paid out an amazing seven out of the top 10 lottery jackpots in history. This is why people appreciate our swift Lottoland online access portal, to make sure they never miss a vital draw.

US Powerball vs US Mega Millions

Our Lottoland team knows many people have favourites. It’s true in life in general, and when watching sports, or while enjoying TV or music. And it’s certainly true when it comes to the many great games to be played online here at Lottoland.

Two of those choices seem to be locked in an eternal battle over which is the biggest and best. They are both US games, one is known as Powerball and the other MegaMillions. Some of our Lottoland customers are passionate about one over the other, while some folks simply like to play both!

To help you decide, here are some comparisons. US Powerball offers a minimum jackpot of $52m, whereas MegaMillions just (if we can use that word about such huge sums) $20m. On the other hand, it’s they who offer a 1:15 probability of winning a prize – US PowerBall is further out there at 1:55.

Then you come to the jackpots. These two giants have paid out every single one of the top 15 lottery jackpots of all time. Until early in 2016, the record holder was MegaMillions, with an amazing $840m payout. Then US PowerBall seemed to move into an entirely different ballpark, with their astonishing payout of $2.3 billion.

Those are the facts, the choice of one or both is up to you. One thing’s the same; online here at Lottoland you can enter either for $5* a game. So, please come and make your game and number choices for Thursday and Sunday for US Powerball, Wednesday and Saturday for MegaMillions, all at 1pm AEST or 3pm AEDT.

US Powerball Promotions

Our Lottoland team know that there are two things many Australians really enjoy. The first is a punt and the second is a bargain. This is why we’ve come up with a terrific promotion that allows you to achieve both aims at the same time. More details in a moment, but first some vital background.

One of our favourite of all lottery games is the amazing US Powerball. Three reasons for this: firstly its minimum jackpot starts at a fairly huge $52m. Secondly, these jackpots roll over quickly into the hundreds of millions of dollars. Thirdly, in January 2016, they obliterated the previous record payout ($840m) held by another US lottery, when they coughed up an astonishing $2.3 billion jackpot.

Does this make you keen to be part of their two times a week jackpot draws? They’re held every Thursday and Sunday at 11am AEST or 1pm AEDT each. Now, here’s the great news for all Lottoland customers. When you play US PowerBall, please enter this promotional code at the checkout: PB2F1AUS. Because here’s the promised bargain – this code will deliver two games for the price of just one, saving you $5. So, head over to Lottoland and take advantage of this great offer right now.

US Powerball Results

‘People – we’re in a results business’. You’ve probably heard this said in TV dramas or movies, or even in real life. Well, our Lottoland team also know this to be true. So, when many people enjoy playing our great lottery games, of course they then want to find out what happened just as soon as possible.

Take US Powerball – one particular favourite of so many Australians. Their draws happen on both Thursdays and Sundays and are timed for 11am AEST or 1pm AEDT. As soon as these draws are complete, our online portal is busy with people wanting to know the results. In fact, not only do we provide these instant answers, our customers can even access the historical draw results right back to 1992.

Why the rush for US Powerball information? Well, they’ve paid out many of the biggest lottery jackpots of all time, with a base minimum of a terrific $52m. But, earlier this year, even that amount seemed amazingly small compared to their new world’s best jackpot payout of a cool $2.3 billion!

Naturally results are only important once the games have been entered. Lottoland provides instant and easy online access so that you can be part of every US PowerBall draw, or any other of our many great lottery opportunities to play. See for yourself right now.