US Mega Millions Lotto

US Mega Millions Lotto

Mega has been a popular word for kids to use for a while: things are said to be mega-brilliant or mega-cool. Warning to parents: don’t try and use the term to impress your teenagers, it probably went out of fashion about seven seconds ago! However, one place where the term can be confidently used is in mega-jackpots. This is a perfect description of the payouts offered by legendary lottery game US Mega Millions.

Consider this evidence: their biggest ever jackpot claimed currently stands at $840 million and was paid out in 2012. Now that is mega-mega! In fact, this is the draw that has paid out two of the three biggest lottery jackpots ever won.

This twice per week draw (Wednesday and Saturday in the early afternoon Australian time) also offers a minimum jackpot of about $19m (depending on exchange rates) and provides great prizes across a full nine prize divisions, including if you only match the Megaball itself. Play five numbers from between 1 and 75 and that Megaball (1-15). Match every one and it’s a jackpot of course. Try it right now for just $5 a time – you can even take up the MegaPlier option. An extra $1.50 means you can multiply any winnings (but not the jackpot) up to 5 times. It’s well worth investigating now at Lottoland!

Play US Mega Millions Online Australia

Do you remember the days when everything took forever? Then we started to hear the magic word ‘online’ and now we can watch, check, order and pay online with little hassle and maximum speed. Another great word to associate with online is ‘play’ – as in the amazing US Mega Millions game here at out Lottoland website!

It’s a hugely popular choice for many of our customers, and there are five brilliant reasons for this. One: their minimum jackpot of $19m (or so depending on currency fluctuations). Two: with draws each Wednesday and Saturday, this soon rolls over into the extremely umpteen millions. Thirdly: US Mega Millions has paid out two of the three biggest lottery jackpots ever, with the bigger of those being an astounding $840m!

The fourth of our reasons is that it costs just $5* per game. The fifth: it delivers a generous nine prize divisions, including for simply matching the Megaball itself.

To play you select five numbers plus that that Megaball; match all six means mega jackpot time! Plus, for just $1.50 more, you can utilise the superb MegaPlier option. This allows you to multiply winnings (apart from the jackpot) by up to five times. If multiplication is a skill worth practicing, try it out at Lottoland now…

*Price is subject to increase when jackpot reaches a certain level. Pricing quoted on this page is correct at the time of writing, prices are subject to change.

US Mega Millions vs US PowerBall

‘Should I play US MegaMillions or US PowerBall?’ This is a question we know many Lottoland customers ask themselves, and rightly so, as these are surely the two greatest lottery games in the world – certainly in terms of possible jackpots to be won. Of course, our quick answer, as you would expect, is: ‘Why not play both of them? They’re only $5* per play with us.’ You’d expect no less of our Lottoland team!

However, if you want to make this choice, here are some points to consider. The US PowerBall game does have the record jackpot payout of a huge $2.3 billion, but Mega Millions earns its name with a second place of $840m. These two lotteries actually hold the top 15 places in any list of the world’s top jackpots. However, Mega Millions offers a much better chance of winning a prize at 1:15, whereas US PowerBall is up at 1:55.

When you decide, it’s important to know that Wednesdays and Saturdays are Mega Millions draw days, Thursday and Sundays are the choices of US PowerBall. Of course you can enter either or both right now at Lottoland.

US Mega Millions Promotions

We know that many Australians are shrewd punters and that just as many expect best value offers whenever they spend their hard-earned dollars. We offer the first the chance to play many of the world’s great lotteries; and you’ll find out more about the second if you keep reading.

First, we’d like to quickly tell you about US Mega Millions – a true giant in the lottery universe. Here are three reasons why. One: they’ve paid out two of the three biggest lottery jackpots ever. Two: their record, from 2012, stands at $840m. Three: their minimum jackpot is superb at around £19m, depending on currency fluctuations. Four: they deliver 9 superb prize divisions. Five: one of these is for simply matching the Megaball, one of your total of six choices, itself. Six: with draws on every Wednesday and Saturday, these multi-million jackpots soon mount up.

Okay, that’s the six of our three reasons. We’re trying to be smart there to introduce our superb promotion. We want to offer more than you’d expect by asking for less. So, here’s the deal: buy a subscription for Mega Millions for a minimum of just one game in each of the Wednesday and Saturday draws, and Lottoland will give you 15% off the full entry price. That’s just $8.50* for two games instead of the full $10!

*Price is subject to increase when jackpot reaches a certain level. Pricing quoted on this page is correct at the time of writing, prices are subject to change.

US Mega Millions Results

Lustre. According to the dictionary this describes bright or shiny conditions. It’s surely how you’d feel winning on the amazing US Mega Millions lottery! It’s also an anagram of ‘result’ – and our Lottoland team know how important these are when you enter such a huge jackpot rich game! This is why one of our key missions is to provide all our results just as soon as any of our home or overseas lotteries are drawn.

As US Mega Millions is the payer of two out of the three biggest lottery jackpots ever, any demand for instant knowledge of their draw outcomes is entirely understandable. By the way, their biggest is a staggering $840m, and even their starting point minimum, which rolls over so quickly, is a very healthy $19m or so, and they deliver across an excellent nine prize divisions.

To be part of their Wednesday and Saturday draws come to our online Lottoland portal and make your own choice of five numbers (1-75) plus a single Megaball (1-15). Match all six and you’re a lucky jackpotter! Okay, in our enthusiasm we did make that word up. When you check the results you’ll even find that we have stored every single set of results from US Mega Millions right back to draw one in 1996. See for yourself right now.