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Keno Australia

Bored and have a few spare minutes? Then not take the opportunity to win $1 million in one of our next Keno Australia draws? With a fantastic game of Keno taking place online at Lottoland every four minutes between 1434 AEST (1634 AEDT) and 0754 AEST (0954 AEDT), there’s always the chance to win big. Every four minutes equates to fifteen games an hour and Keno (the Lottoland version of Keno) is available seven days a week, so there’s never any reason to lack excitement and entertainment here at Lottoland.

To take part in a Keno Australia draw, you will need to buy between one and ten numbers out of a possible seventy. When the next draw takes place, twenty out of those seventy numbers will be drawn. If you’ve picked ten numbers that match those pulled and have paid the maximum stake, then the jackpot will be yours. Match fewer numbers or purchase numbers for less than the maximum stake (the minimum stake is just $1*) and you may still be in with a chance to win a smaller amount. Keno even allows you to win when you don’t match any numbers at all! With so many different chances to win, Keno is a popular option with a wide range of people who enjoy great gaming entertainment.

With stake prices starting at only $1*, there’s no reason not to have a go at one of our Keno draws and be in with a chance of a welcome prize win.

Play Keno Online

Rather than have to bother with visiting your nearest pub or club to take part, you can play Keno online at Lottoland, no matter where you are. As long as you’ve got access to a mobile phone or computer, you can access one of our amazing Keno draw opportunities.

At Lottoland we offer you the chance to win a $1 million jackpot every four minutes between 1434 AEST (1634 AEDT) and 0754 AEST (0954 AEDT). That’s fifteen games every hour! When each draw takes place, twenty numbers are randomly selected from a total of seventy. If you match ten of those numbers and have bet the maximum stake, you’ll be the lucky $1 million jackpot winner. Your prize amount is determined by the level of your stake – the higher the stake, the greater your winnings will be should your numbers come up. When you purchase eight or more numbers for Keno at Lottoland, you can win even if none of your numbers come up! Entry to Keno at Lottoland starts from only $1* and with a game coming up every four minutes, there’s no reason not to enjoy a few minutes of top quality entertainment and have a go.

What Are Odds of Keno?

Here at Lottoland you’ll find some of the best Keno odds in the world when it comes to winning the $1 million Keno jackpot. You’re chances of winning one of the top prizes are 1:2,147,181 – significantly better than other top games.

You can take advantage of these appealing Keno odds fifteen times every hour between 1434 AEST (1634 AEDT) and 0754 AEST (0954 AEDT). Available every day of the week, a fresh Keno draw comes up every four minutes at Lottoland. With such great odds, it’s little surprise that people across the country are taking part in our Keno draws in the hope of a welcome win.

To enjoy the jackpot, you need to match ten numbers out of the twenty drawn, having purchased them for the maximum stake. When you buy eight or more numbers, it’s possible to win even if none of your numbers are drawn! For players who purchase ten numbers, match five or more (or none) to win an attractive Keno prize. Don’t forget that for purchases of just one number, your overall Australia Keno odds of winning at Lottoland are 1:4. Enjoy the chance of some great payouts when you play Keno at Lottoland.

How To Play Keno

Learning how to play Keno is simple and fun when you do it at Lottoland. For each of the Keno draws, seventy numbers are available, of which twenty are randomly drawn. To win the $1 million jackpot, players need to match ten numbers, each of which have been bought for the maximum stake. The minimum stake is $1*, rising to a maximum amount of $10*. Smaller prizes are also available for players that match fewer numbers, or who bet less than the maximum stake. When you play Keno with us at Lottoland, for anyone that buys eight numbers or more, there’s the chance to win, even if none of your numbers have come up in the draw!

You can play Keno online with us any time between 1434 AEST (1634 AEDT) and 0754 AEST (0954 AEDT). Games are drawn every four minutes, seven days a week. This gives you a massive fifteen opportunities every hour to be in with a chance of that life-changing $1 million jackpot. Quick and easy to play, if you’re not lucky with one game, there’s always another available a few minutes later. If your numbers came up, how would you spend all that lovely cash?

Winning Keno Strategies

If you thought it was hard to learn how to win Keno, you’re wrong! We tell you all your need to know about the different ways of scooping up those Keno prizes. To play, you need to select between one and ten numbers out of seventy. Twenty Keno numbers are then drawn at random from the seventy.

If you’ve purchased one or two numbers, you need to match all of them to win. Players that have bought three or four numbers must match at least two to win. For five or six number purchases, three number matches are required for a win. Seven or eight number purchases need a match of four numbers, but you can win with eight numbers, even if none match those drawn. For nine or ten number purchases, at least five matches are required for win. These players also have the chance of winning even if no numbers match the Keno ones.

Your Keno stakes also affect your winning amount. To be in with a chance of the $1 million jackpot, you need to buy ten matching numbers at the highest stake ($10*). Lower stakes (the minimum is $1*) or fewer numbers mean a lesser prize.

Keno Number Results

We aim to get you latest Keno results and all the other top lottery results from across the globe far faster than anyone else. Almost as soon as those lucky numbers are drawn, here at Lottoland we’re busy uploading them on to our site so that you can see whether you’re a winner. Because we get the Keno results to you as fast as we can, there’s no need to spend hours searching the ‘net for those all-important numbers. Just go on our site and find the latest Keno results and much more.

We also have a large database of previous winning Keno numbers, so you can see which ones are coming up most frequently and information on jackpot winning combinations.

Twenty Keno numbers out of seventy are drawn in each of our Lottoland Keno draws. Available seven days a week, every four minutes between 1434 AEST (1634 AEDT) and 0754 AEST (0954 AEDT), there are fifteen chances every hour to pick a winning number selection. We provide a one-stop solution for all your gaming needs, bringing you the best Keno draws, convenient purchasing options and fast, accurate results. Watch out for the latest Keno numbers and here at Lottoland!

*Price is subject to increase when jackpot reaches a certain level. Pricing quoted on this page is correct at the time of writing. Prices are subject to change.