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As the years pass, our world becomes ever more inter-connected. It’s close to the norm to have video calls across oceans, and to have access to so many different social media and information sites. Here at Lottoland, we’ve also noticed that people’s expectations about having games to be part of have also expanded. That’s why, in addition to the eternally popular Australian lottery games we provide for our customers to play, we have also added some of the finest lotteries – and biggest jackpot opportunities – from both Europe and north America.

This means that, as a Lottoland customer, you will have terrific and easy-to-take opportunities to be part of world famous competitions, such as Lotto from the United Kingdom, SuperEnalotto from Italy, and, to the record European jackpot possibilities delivered by the EuroMillions lottery. Moving to the United States, home of astonishing rollover jackpots of hundreds of millions, and even reaching towards that magical billion dollars, we provide instant access to the legendary pair of games that are MegaMillions and US PowerBall.

When you play any of these games from overseas, you can always be sure that, through Lottoland here in Australia, you will be playing for exactly the same prizes, at all levels, as if you’d purchased a ticket direct in that parent country. However, we also offer our customers a range of other unique special promotions, bonuses or jackpots – and these aren’t even available on the official games!

So, if both home-based and far-flung lotto and lottery games excite you, come and join us at Lottoland now.

Play Lottoland Australia

Australians are noted as people who are not afraid to take a chance and are always open to new ideas. This is why our team here at Lottoland Australia felt that simply providing fast and easy online access to our favourite home-based lottery games, including, of course, the amazing Keno, simply wasn’t enough.

So, like the explorers of old, we cast our net far wider, to find the kinds of huge jackpot winning opportunities that we know our customers just love to be part of. This means that, with us, you can choose to enter a couple of the most popular lottery games ever to be played in the United States in US PowerBall and MegaMillions. Turning to European opportunities, we have added the continent-wide game EuroMillions, as well as the legendary SuperEnalotto from Italy and the United Kingdom’s home favourite, Lotto.

To play any of these home-based or overseas games, simply choose your game, numbers and lines, and your entry will quickly be complete. Any and all winnings from these games are credited right into your own Lottoland Australia account. And that’s across every prize tier and division, just as if you were playing the games locally in their country of origin.

Ever heard of DoubleJackpot? It’s one of the extra bonuses or promotions we have devised just for our Lottoland Australia customers. As you might guess, should you decide to double your stake, then were you to win the jackpot prize, it is multiplied in the same way. What more can we say? Visit Lottoland Australia now and discover all this for yourself.

How Lottoland Works

Are you one of those people who are curious about how everything works? Quite a few of our Lottoland Australia team are, and therefore we’re not really surprised when we’re often asked this question about our own operation.

Our basic aim is simple: to allow our customers to play popular lottery games whenever they want and wherever they are through our superb online portal. This doesn’t just include the home-based games which seem to be a part of our daily lives, but we have stretched our wings that bit further. This means that our Lottoland customers can spend time playing, and checking recent and past results for, some of the most cherished lotteries from overseas. These include America’s legendary US PowerBall and MegaMillions, and Europe’s favourite EuroMillions. All of these games are famed for producing rollover jackpots reaching into the hundreds of millions of dollars.

If this idea excites you, then a couple of other pieces of important information. Firstly, you play the games just as you would wherever they are based, selecting both the numbers and level of entries you wish. Secondly, because of our terrific Lottoland insurance model, we can guarantee that every winning ticket prize will be paid directly into your Lottoland account, across every prize tier in that competition, exactly as if you were in California, Rome, London, or Washington!

A final exciting point: with Lottoland, you will also have the chance to enjoy terrific offers or bonuses that aren’t even a part of the games where they were created! Seems like it’s time to visit us here at Lottoland and see all the exciting possibilities for yourself.

Lottoland Cash4Life

You wake up in the morning with bills to pay, things to buy, places to be, and of course it all costs money. Dollars seems to disappear so quickly nowadays! So, wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a constant top-up source, meaning that you’re not likely to run short of funds ever again?

This is the idea behind the terrific Cash4Life jackpot game that you can enter in an instant here at Lottoland Australia. The draws themselves happen at 9pm (ET) each Monday and Thursday nights. And the prize? Well, as the name suggests, it’s cash for life! An amazing $1000 paid to you every day, right throughout the rest of your lifetime. Or, if you like, over a third of a million dollars per year – now that’s what you call useful. And the second prize is $1000 every single month for as long as you live. These are just the headline acts from a superb total of 9 prize tiers in each game.

To give yourself a chance of winning any of these prizes, you enter by choosing just five numbers from between 1 and 60, and add to this with one CashBall between 1 and 4. One Cash4Life game here at Lottoland will set you back just $2*. By the way, your chances of winning that grand a day stand at 1:21,846,048, much better than so many other lottery games.

How would you spend your first thousand dollars? And then the second? And the third? Enter at Lottoland, and feel free to let your imagination run wild.

*Price is subject to increase when jackpot reaches a certain level. Pricing quoted on this page is correct at the time of writing, prices are subject to change.