Lotto + Powerball Results

Latest Lotto & Powerball Results

Life is full of waiting for results – from general elections and competition entries, to exams and job applications. And waiting can be frustrating. This is why, here at Lottoland, we have made it one of our key priorities to provide truly swift draw results delivery for the many Australian and international lotteries that our customers so love playing. We also know that, occasionally when life gets in the way, people forget to check at the time. This is why we also include historical information, allowing customers to check past results whenever they want.

You might be searching for the outcome of one of our own terrific Australian lotteries, or be heading further afield. Just as examples of the huge range of games that it’s so easy to be a part of at Lottoland, you might be checking your entries from American games such US PowerBall or Mega Millions, or perhaps European classics such as Euro Millions and Euro Jackpot. Many people also enjoy taking a punt on the UK Lotto. Whichever you have entered, our user-friendly website allows you to check what happened whenever you wish to.

Of course, our superb results service provides all the other details you’ll want to check. You’ll find all you need to know about jackpots and if they have been won or have rolled over; plus complete results breakdown information covering all the prize divisions or tiers for any game.

As you’d expect, Lottoland makes it just as easy to play as to check those draws. Come and see for yourself now.

Australian Lotto & Powerball Results

So many of our fellow countrymen like to spend time each week playing one or more of our terrific home-based Australian lottery games. If you are one of them, make sure you visit Lottoland. Our superbly easy-to-use website provides all the draw results, just as soon as they are released, to allow you to quickly find out whether you need to go to work tomorrow. It’s just as easy to check these outcomes as it is to play the games with us.

Therefore, if your taste in such games includes Oz Lotto® or PowerBall® or the legendary Keno – you’ll find all you need to know at Lottoland. The same is true, whichever of Monday and Wednesday, Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday Lotto you wish to be a part of.

No matter where you find yourself, and at any time of the day or night, a quick trip to Lottoland can see you playing and checking whichever games are your particular choice. As you’ll see, we also offer many international games as well. Come and try out the Lottoland experience for yourself.

Keno Number Results

What happens at four-minute intervals? Perhaps you can run a mile in that time – but probably not. You might boil an egg, but maybe not every four minutes. That wouldn’t do too much for your constitution! A footy or other game can completely turn around in that time. We won’t even mention the old Cold War four-minute warning before the end of everything.

For many Australians, this four-minute gap would probably quickly be recognised as the time between Keno games. From 2.34pm AEST (that’s 4.34pm AEDT) each afternoon, and right through until a bleary eyed 7.54am AEST (9.54am AEDT), you have an amazing 15 chances in every hour to be one million dollars richer. Your eyes would certainly sparkle at any time if this happened to you! At Lottoland you can enter just when you want to, then check the results whenever you have a chance to (and we hold the last two days of results in case there’s a delay in you being able to do so).

If you’ve played before, you’ll well know that 20 numbers are selected from between one and 70 each time. Your task is to play between one and ten numbers for any specific game. It’s so easy to do this here at Lottoland.

US Powerball Results

There are so many kinds of power in the world. There’s people power and horse power, even abuse of power. However, another great use of the word is in the legendary lottery game from North America – US PowerBall. It certainly suggests that they wouldn’t hold back in the jackpots they offer. This is surely the truth, as they hold the world record for the biggest rollover jackpot ever won. This seismic event took place as recently as January 2016. The prize? Oh, just around $2.3b. That’s billions. Of dollars. Even if you weren’t suddenly one of the world’s richest people, they also provide a full nine prize divisions in each US PowerBall draw.

Should you enter such a cash-rich competition, you’d probably want to be able to check the results as soon as possible. At Lottoland that’s only one part of the terrific play and check service we provide, and we even hold US PowerBall results way back into the last millennium (1992, in fact).

To enter their Thursday and Sunday 11am (AEST) or 1pm (AEDT) draws, head to our Lottoland site. There you’ll need to pick five numbers between one and 66, and add a PowerBall choice from one to 20. We’re waiting to welcome you right now.

Euro Millions Lotto Results

On the other side of the world, every Tuesday or Friday at 9.30pm (CET), the continent of Europe descends into a frenzy of fevered excitement. OK, that may be a touch too dramatic, but this is when the EuroMillions lottery draws take place, and it certainly does grab the attention of many people across much of that continent.

It can be an exciting moment for many of our Lottoland Australia customers too – as this is one of the most popular of the international games we offer. Mind you, if you don’t stay up overnight to check the draw results – available on our site just as soon as they are released – they’ll be easily accessed at any time thereafter. In fact, we even hold all the outcomes, right back to its launch in 2004.

Why all this interest and excitement? Well, EuroMillions has provided the largest ever rollover jackpot in Europe – and large is a good descriptor as it was a whopping $267 million. If this makes you keen to enter, and there are a full 13 prize divisions in the draw, head to Lottoland now. There, you can select any five numbers from between one and 50, and add two Lucky Stars from one to 11. Then, if all your seven selections are drawn, you’re a jackpot winner with EuroMillions! Enter now and catch the next draw.

US Mega Millions Lotto Results

A couple of questions: do you know the amount of the second largest jackpot payout on any lottery game in history? Do you know the name of the game where this prize was won? The answers: $840 million dollars and US Mega Millions (good choice of name). This is why this game is a huge favourite, not just in the United States but among our Lottoland players here in Australia. It’s also why one of our priorities is to deliver the results as quickly as possible after any draw is done and dusted. Incidentally, it was as recently as 2012 that US Mega Millions offered this amazing rollover jackpot.

With US MegaMillions draws happening every Wednesday and again on each Saturday, and timed at 1pm (AEST) or 3pm (AEDT), you should head to Lottoland now and make your entry for the upcoming games. To do so, your first choice will be of five numbers from anywhere between one and 75. You’ll then need to add just one Megaball (1-15). The jackpot winner will need to have matched all of them. However, there are actually nine prize divisions for each draw.

As soon as each draw is over, your unmatched Lottoland results service will be able to provide you with all the details. You can even find every past result through to 1996. US Mega Millions and many other great games are what makes Lottoland tick. Come and see for yourself.