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All of the lotto sites in the world, Lottoland is one of the best and most diverse. It gives you the chance to play lotteries anywhere on Earth. They’re all available in one, easy-to-navigate place. So, whether you want to try out your luck on US Powerball, the Euro Millions or one of Australia’s many lotteries, you can. Have a go at winning millions without leaving your couch!

For lottery players who dream big, US Powerball offers some of the most enormous jackpots available anywhere. There’s no mucking around here: at every draw, the minimum jackpot is a whopping $52 million. And that’s just the beginning. It’s been known to accumulate as high as $1 billion!

Another super-rich option in the US is the US MegaMillions. Kicking off at $20 million, the jackpot often grows and grows. In fact, in one particularly incredible year, it hit a record high of $840 million.

Meanwhile, Europe doesn’t lag too far behind. The EuroMillions is the most-played game there, as it’s created through contributions from 13 nations. Every Tuesday and Friday, EuroMillions players around the world hold their breath as the draw takes place. Jackpots start at $21 million and get as big as $250 million.

Australians love their lotto, too. Down Under, lotteries are held five times a week. There’s Wednesday Lotto; Oz Lotto, which is held on Saturday and, for that reason, is also known as Saturday Lotto; and Australian Powerball®. For chances to score big, watch out for Superdraws and Megadraws, which send Aussie jackpots up to $50 million plus.

For round-the-clock fun, play Keno, also available at Lottoland. Every four minutes, a Keno draw puts $1 million up for grabs.

Lottoland makes it as easy as possible to play all the lotteries mentioned here. All you need is a computer or mobile device, and your lucky numbers. The site offers the same jackpots as those available via your local lottery operator. The only difference is Lottoland’s convenience, thanks to its worldwide reach. What’s more, lotto results are published online after every draw, so there’s no need for any waiting around.

Lottoland Australia - Powerball, Keno + Lotto
Play Oz Lotto, Powerball & Australian Lotto

Play Australian Lotto & Powerball

Regardless of where you’re living, play Australian lotto online with Lottoland. Dream up winning combos and lay them down up to five times a week. In Australia, there’s Monday lotto, Tuesday lotto, Wednesday lotto, Thursday lotto and Saturday lotto.

Whenever you talk to Aussies, you’ll hear them referring to lotto using a variety of names. But don’t get confused. Tattslotto, X Lotto and Gold Lotto all refer to the same game.

The wealthiest lotto is Australian Powerball®, which shouldn’t come as a surprise, as it’s based on its even wealthier cousin, US Powerball®. Australian Powerball® comes around once a week, on Thursdays. The jackpot is never less than $3 million and sometimes creeps up to $50 million. Plus, there are loads of chances to win because there are eight prize divisions. Playing Powerball® is a no brainer – choose six numbers between 1 and 40, and one Powerball® between 1 and 20.

On the weekend, get involved in Saturday Lotto, which gives you six prize divisions and a weekly jackpot of no less than $4 million. When Lotto Superdraws and Lotto Megadraws happen, this soars to $30 million or more.

At Lottoland, you can jump on every Australian lotto through one smart interface. Check lotto results anytime and, if you’re worried about missing out, order a subscription.

Play US Powerball Jackpot Australia

Play US Powerball

If you’re looking for the richest jackpot on the planet, then grab a ticket for US Powerball at Lottoland. This easy-to-play game is based in the US and is run across multiple states. All you have to do is dream up five numbers from between 1 and 69, and then guess a US Powerball numbers from between 1 and 26. Find a spare $5, put in your entry and hope for the best. Should you be clever enough to choose winning Powerball numbers, tens of millions of bucks could be yours.

You’ll never see a US Powerball jackpot of less than $52 million. That’s the guarantee. Keep up-to-date with changes, though, because it’s common for US Powerball jackpots to accumulate to hundreds of millions and even $1 billion isn’t out of reach! Even if you don’t win the mega prize, you might get lucky in one of nine prize divisions.

There are US Powerball draws twice a week. The first is on Thursday at 11am (AEST) and the second is on Sunday at 1pm (AEST). If you win, you choose how you get your money. Ask for a lump sum or request that it be paid to you via 30 yearly payments.

Leading a busy life and worried about missing a draw? Make sure you don’t by investing in a US Powerball subscription via Lottoland. It’ll enter your numbers automatically. Anytime you’re wondering how you went, check out the latest US Powerball results at the Lottoland site.

Euro Millions Lotto

Play Euro Millions

Regardless of where you live, you can play Euro Millions – the largest lottery in Europe – at Lottoland. Choose five winning Euro Millions numbers, along with two Lucky Stars, and you’ll find yourself winning or, at least, sharing in, an epic jackpot of up to $300 million. The Lucky Stars must be in a range of 1-11, while the Euro Millions numbers must be in a range of 1-50. If you have a good feeling about your selection, enter them every week. Otherwise, chop and change, according to your hunches.

The Euro Millions is created by the contributions of 13 European countries. At every draw, the jackpot starts at $22 million. Watch it closely because you’ll often see it skyrocket to much higher amounts. The winning Euro Millions numbers are drawn on Tuesdays and Fridays in Paris.

Entries for the EuroMillions at Lottoland are only $5* a pop. Order a Lottoland subscription, which puts in your entry automatically, and you’ll never have to fret about missing a game unintentionally.

It’s handy to be able to check the Euro Millions results anytime. So, Lottoland publishes them online, straight after they’re drawn. You can also get information about winning jackpots.

US Mega Millions Lotto

Play US Mega Millions

The US Mega Millions, is, like US Powerball, one of the wealthiest lotteries you’ll find anywhere. Jackpots begin at $20 million and climb as high as $500 million. To date, the record US Mega Millions jackpot is an epic $840 million. That’s the kind of money that could change not only your life, but your friends’ lives, too.

There are two US Mega Millions draws each week. The first is on Wednesday and the second is on Saturday. To enter, you must come up with five winning Mega Millions numbers in a range of 1-75 and one Megaball in a range of 1-15. Lay down $5 and cross your fingers. To multiply your chances by five, go with the second division’s 5x Megaplier.

Winners get to choose how they access their new fortune. You can take it all in one fell swoop or request 30 payments over 30 years. Take a look around the Lottoland site and you’ll notice the US Mega Millions results are published straight after every draw. And, should you want to avoid missing any draws, order a Lottoland subscription, which enters your numbers automatically.

Play Keno Numbers Online

Play Keno Online

When there’s no lottery going on, you can always have a flutter at Lottoland with Keno online. Whereas most lotteries take place just once or twice a week, Keno is drawn every four minutes – or 15 times every hour. And, with every draw, $1 million is on offer. Games kick off at 7:54am (AEST) daily and finish up at 2:34pm (AEST).

If you’ve not been on the Keno bandwagon before, you might be wondering how to play Keno. It’s pretty easy. With every draw, 20 numbers are selected at random from 70 possibilities. Your entry must include between 1 and 10 numbers. The more of them that match, the more you win. To take home a million bucks, all 10 must be on point. How much you stake is up to you: lay down any amount between $1 and $10. Increase your chances of winning Keno by learning some killer Keno strategies.

Those who’ve played Keno at their local pub or club before will notice that playing online at Lottoland isn’t very different. All you need is a computer or mobile device connected to the Internet. So, jump on Lottoland Australia now and give yourself a chance to take home a million bucks.

Lotto + Powerball Results

Latest Lotto & Powerball Results

As any keen lotto player knows, waiting for lotto results can be excruciating. Once the draw has taken place, you want results sooner rather than later. With that in mind, Lottoland is committed to publishing all lotto results as soon as they’re announced. You never have to wait around, wondering.

In Australia, lotteries are drawn five times a week. Lottoland publishes winning numbers for all games. So, you’ll find Monday lotto results, Wednesday lotto results, Tuesday lotto results, Thursday lotto results and Saturday lotto results without any trouble.

If you’re more of a fan of United States lotteries, then you’ll want to know all about the US Powerball results and the US MegaMillions results. Lottoland publishes them after every draw, results for the prize tiers included. These lotteries offer several divisions, so you can win by matching just a few numbers.

The EuroMillions results follow suit. The huge jackpots offered by this lottery are made possible by the contributions of 13 nations. Draws take place in Paris every Tuesday and every Friday.

This game, which is contributed to by no fewer than 13 countries, is drawn on Tuesdays and Fridays in Paris. Jump onto Lottoland straight away to check if your life has changed forever!

If you’re looking for Australian lotto results, US Powerball results, US Mega Millions results or Euro Millions results, you’ll find them all at Lottoland.